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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

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As I pointed out in the other thread, PROBERT stated that the deflection crystal is a kind of power linkage between the intermix and the impulse engines. The intermix on the TMP Enterprise is NOT a warp core, it is a large power transfer conduit leading from the main reactor at the very bottom of the engineering module. In this sense it could work just as well as a field drive and as a plasma-type thruster, since in the latter case it would simply fire the product of a matter/antimatter reaction out into space.
A power Linkage?
Then why is it called a deflection crystal?
Why isn't between the intermix and impulse engines?

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The saucer of the Galaxy class has sustainer coils, which are able to maintain a previously generated warp field for a limited time, but they can't generate a warp field independently. This is how the E-D's saucer was able to make it all the way to Farpoint without the stardrive section (and with a speed of well over warp 9.5, it was able to "coast" a long ways before that warp field dissapated)
That was Fascinating.
In the New Frontieer the Galaxys have Saucers with limited warp drive powered by the impulse engines.

As far as the refit goes, either Rick Sternbach or Andrew Probert (probably Rick) said that the idea was that the entire intermix chamber was encrusted with dilithium, so the amping up of the matter/antimatter reaction was done throughout the system, and not just at one central point. Apparently, this system didn't catch on, since the E-A has a more conventional intermix chamber setup, setting up the design paradigm for the next century of starship engineering design.
No...Dilithium isn't needed for the reactor...just one thing is necessary....
a shield. Not for containment but for decaying the neutinos so that the energy produce by the reaction could have an effect on the matter and become high energy plasma. The only other thing needes is a magnetic bottle.

So, while those guys I'm sure had a design intent of there own, in order for warp cores to produce that amazing amount of energy the neutrinos need to converted because they carry 99 percent of the energy away from the reaction and they don't react with anything but water....occasionally.

That's also why they don't need that much matter and antimatter.
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