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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Hi, I'm the hater never known as Steve, and I'm a Moore-aholic.

It started at a young age, I got caught up with the wrong crowd and I'd watch The Next Generation whenever I saw it on TV. My parents were a little worried, they feared I might become a nerd, but I was 3 and they trusted that I was old enough to know what TV shows were right for me. I don't blame them for what happened, I blame Michael Piller. One day Michael came to my house while my parents were away and said "Aw man, you gotta try this shit, it'll blow your mind. It's called Ron Moore". I should have known better, my life could have turned out so differently had I just said "no", but I trusted him so I watched The Bonding. It made me feel ill. That kid was annoying and there was a magic space alien and Picard made a speech... it wasn't anything like Michael promised me.

But a few weeks later he came around again with more Moore and he promised me that it gets better after the first time. I was wary, but I didn't want to be a pussy so I gave into peer pressure and watched The Defector. It was like flying! "One world's butcher..." " on the edge of the Neutral Zone!" "Shall we die together?" It was incredible, and I needed more! Yesterday's Enterprise, Tapestry, The Pegasus... Every once in a while you'd get a bad hit, but normally it was quality stuff. On special occasions I would mix a little Moore with some Braga, now that would create some memorable evenings!

I knew it was wrong, but lots of people were doing it, and I thought I had a good handle on things. I mean, it wasn't anything serious. It was still mostly episodic stuff, the conflict generally remained external sources, and the character flaws were minor if they even existed at all. And a lot of it was just some fun involving Klingons. It wasn't a problem, I was in full control.

But then I moved to DS9, and that's when things started getting heavy. I started mixing Behr and Wolfe regularly and after that regular old Moore just wasn't enough, I needed stronger doses of Moore. And Moore provided. Increased serialisation, more internal conflict, greater character flaws... lesbianism too! Plain old Braga just didn't cut it anymore, I needed Moore. I didn't realise it at the time, but I was losing control of myself. I was losing myself to Moore.

Then I hit some really rough times. DS9 ended, and my supply to most of the hardcore Trek writers was lost. I began to suffer from withdrawal symptoms from the mix of Behr, Beimler, Weedle, Thompson and Echevarria that I had been surviving off of. I needed my Moore then more than ever and I thought I had found a new dealer in Voyager. Sadly it was only a temporary affair and soon I was on my own, Mooreless. Nobody would deal the hard stuff to me any more and I was forced to fall back on legal stuff like Braga and Biller. The worst part was that I actually convinced myself that I liked Braga and thought that Enterprise was a reasonable substitute for Moore's work. It was embarrassing.

Luckily that horrible portion of my life came to an end thanks to an intervention held by Les Moonves. He hated seeing me wasting my life on Enterprise, so he sent me to rehab and forced me to get past my Trek-writer dependences. Once I was clean I started doing the hard work involved in getting my life on track. I fell in love with a wonderful woman, I got a job and I even managed to complete my university degree. I once tried some Battlestar Galactica to see what it was like, but my life had moved on and that sort of thing just didn't interest me anymore. Life was good.

But like a a thousand other tragic heroes I lost the love of my life and I let it ruin me. I didn't have any Trek writers readily available so I tried a little Babylon 5 only to find that it didn't agree with me, and then I started taking Firefly. It was good but there wasn't enough to sustain me. That's when a friend suggested I try out some Battlestar Galactica again, so in my darkest hour I gave it a shot. It was Moore nirvana. Heavily serialised, main characters getting into physical fights, tremendously flawed human beings... it was potent stuff and I loved it.

But this is not a relapse, I'm in complete control this time, I promise. I felt it was only fair that I lay this all out in the interest of full disclosure before I post my review of Moore's only Voyager script. I can enjoy Moore sensibly. It's just a little fun involving genocide, where's the harm in that? Because I can handle it. I can handle it.

Survival Instinct (******)

This episode earned every one of those six stars, it is beyond perfect, it is uber-perfect. It had Seven, some Borg, a strange tennis racket... there was a story in there somewhere. Did I mention the Borg? And there was a great moment towards the beginning of the episode, about a minute after the opening credits a caption appeared on screen saying "Written by Ronald D. Moore". Oh boy, I came.

Okay, lets get to the real review, shall we?

Survival Instinct (***)

It is nice to have an episode like this where there is no easy technobabble way out, Seven has to choose between two equally bad choices because she messed up several years before. The first half of the episode is a little dull, and sometimes when the three Borg started talking in unison is was cheesy, but the second half of the episode was of a very high standard.

I also loved the setting of this episode, Voyager is docked at a friendly space station and they decide to allow aliens onboard and mix in with the Voyager crew. It makes for a refreshing change of pace from all the hostile aliens Voyager has encountered over the past few years, it is settings like this that help make the Delta Quadrant feel alive.

So lets review Ron Moore's impact upon Voyager.

Torpedoes: 0/-22
Shuttles Lost: 0
Harry Deaths: 0
Hostile aliens encountered: 0
Times Voyager placed in peril: 0
Times main character placed in peril: 0
Technobabble as plot resolution: 0

And how are the Voyager writers faring in comparison?

Well there you have it everybody, as of right now Ron Moore is Voyager's best writer. Take a bow, Ron!
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