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Re: The Friday Flirt Thread...

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I don't know if the other half is as lenient as you folks... my carcass might be found in the garden come morning...

I probably shouldn't even be looking at this thread with binoculars...
You know you can't resist ~ come over to the fun side

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Ok I'm bored. My men are out and I have access to you lot and a bottle of wine ~ so lets flirt. Innocent, old fashioned, "I say", "Carry On" stuff... let's see what your flirting style is like...

So I'll start...

Hello boys

Disclaimer ~ this thread is open to all, the more the merrier
Ah, but you're far too cute to flirt with. Those cranial ridges are not to be taken lightly.
You must be mistaking me for someone else. There is no such word as 'cute' in Klingon. But I am intrigued...
Oh for goodness sake it's not that important.
Unless it is really important ~ then you can always email it to me and I'll ignore it again tomorrow.
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