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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

Let's look at the rape comment in context:

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post
Had it not been for Palin, Obama WOULD have gotten his landslide. He did not...because of the crowds she drew.
Squiggyfm wrote: View Post
I'm I going to have to dust off all my old election charts and maps and choke a bitch?

Obama won every swing state with the exeption of Missouori, which wasn't finalized for weeks because McCain only won by 3,900 votes out of 3,000,000 cast.

Obama won Indiana. The first time since Johnson's landslide of 1964 that Indiana went blue.

Obama won Virginia. Also the first time since Johnson's landslide of 1964 that Indiana went blue.

Obama won Omaha. The whitest place on Earth.

Obama won North Carolina. The home of Jesse Helms. The first time in 30 years North Carolina went Democrat.

Now, watch me as I rape your face. These are the county changes between 2004 and 2008:

Watch me as I rape your face again. This the how much each county changed. The darker the blue, the more Democratic, the darker the red the more Republican

Nationwide, the country went heavily for Obama with the only Republican gains in Tennessee, Arkansas, and the Appalachians. Well done Palin! What a electoral powerhouse you are.

Let's look at the national polling shall we?

Oh my. She seemed to have helped for a week or so...until she opened her mouth and showed the United States that Alaskans shouldn't be trusted to vote for their own governor and should be devolved to a territory.

There you go. There's my rampant sexism. Ohhhh no. Ooga booga, I'm keeping the proud female down.
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