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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

....ehhhhh, I'm kind torn on this one.

I tend to take the net far less seriously, I guess, which is why most things don't bother me. If I posted a pic and someone said something alone the lines of rape or whatever, I wouldn't really care. I just don't see why people need to be so sensitive about the internet. It's a place where people escape and try to have some fun.

Is an issue like rape crossing the line? I'd say it would be if someone was raped irl and someone was making fun of that fact but if someone says to me "I'd rape you" after I posted a picture, I tend to take it as just another way of someone saying "you're hot" (I am not saying I am hot, I am just using this as an example) because I highly doubt they would actually mean they would find me and rape me. Even if they did, I'd beat the shit out of them anyways so no worries.

In all honestly, I will of course repect the rules but I also think people should lighten up. It's just the internet. People didn't really mind what was being said about a certain Failbat in TNZ but they care about those quotes? I know TNZ is a different zone but still, I think far worse things were said.

Just my opinion *shrug*
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