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Re: The Friday Flirt Thread...

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Plec ~ how did you ever get married
By accident. No seriously.

I was working nightshift and I got off work one night... decided to hit the 24 hour supermarket and stock up on Hot-Pockets and other basic bachelor-foods (ranch dressing, ramen, pizza-rolls, mini-tacos, blocks of cheddar cheese and cans of red-beans.) This is at midnight mind you.

I get to the frozen food section and there are no hot-pockets. None. All gone.

This is odd, so I look around and I spot HER. Pushing a shopping-cart FULL of them around the corner. I run (actually walk) over to her and say "could I interest you in parting with a few of those so I have something to microwave at work this week?"

Her reply "Yes of course. I wish I had one of those replicator things from Star Trek then I wouldn't have to share."

Two hours of chit-chat and blah blah later I had her phone-number and a date. Six months later, married.

Now back to the flirting. Are we only permitted to flirt with K'ehleyr or can we flirt with An Officer too?
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