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I would definitely have to say my favorite race are the Vulcans, followed by Andorians. I'm not really sure I've read any heavily Vulcan centric books though. Any recommendations?
The Vulcan's Noun books by Susan Shwartz and Josepha Sherman:
-- Vulcan's Forge
-- Vulcan's Heart
-- Vulcan's Soul, book 1: Exodus
-- Vulcan's Soul, book 2: Exiles
-- Vulcan's Soul, book 3: Epiphany

Sarek by A.C. Crispin is a great book on one of my favourite characters.

I remember I really enjoyed IDIC Epidemic and The Vulcan Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah.
You left out Diane Duane's "Spock's World", and "The Bloodwing Chronicles" (which also touches on Vulcans and Vulcan history.
And you left out Strangers From The Sky , about the first Vulcan-human contact following a Vulcan scout ship crash landing in the Pacific Ocean. This is a wonderful read and one of my favorite Trek books of all time.

I'll heartily endorse all of the above mentioned books as well, although I will warn you the Vulcan Academy Murders and IDIC Epidemic novels are entertaining but pretty "light". You'll enjoy them. They're fun for us Vulcan lovers but not especially good mysteries - I knew who the perp was in the VAMs as soon as the character was introduced. As someone who loves both Sarek and the actor who portrayed him, "Sarek" is a must read IMO.

As a Spock/Vulcan fan I would also recommend The Pandora Principle - which details Saavik's origin story and Vulcan/Rommulan conflict and has some touching Spock moments (I won't spoil them for you, you'll know them when you read them), as well as Vulcan's Glory, which has a fair bit about Vulcans and introduces us to Spocks first tour on Enterprise with Captain Pike - plus, Spock scores in this one (an historic moment for me). If you like Spock, there's also Mind Meld, which is a good enough though not great read..

I'm cautiously optimistic that the forthcoming Star Trek-Refugees by Alan Dean Foster will deal honorably with the remnants of the Vulcan populations on the new colony world in the NuTrek timeline. (Seriously, with a title like that, what else could it be about?)

I don't get the vibe from the powers that be at Pocket Books and Paramount that they're especially eager for Vulcan-centric books, nor for tales about the Rihannsu either for that matter. Perhaps they associate it more with TOS and/or Enterprise. But with the new movie I have hopes for future Vulcan stories. In fact, I'd love a series just about Vulcan history/expeditions/colonies etc. along the lines of New Frontier.

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