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Star Trek season 2 on Blu-ray [release date Sept. 22]

Home Media Magazine reports that Star Trek Season Two on Blu-ray will be released September 22nd, not yet available for-preorder.
As for Season 3, TrekMovie sources indicate that will be out in early 2010.

No official list of special features for season 2 yet.

the official season 1 on blu-ray thread:
Star Trek season 1 on blu-ray: April 28

I love how this guy [comment 5] gives the prices for quadruple dips of obsolete formats:
let’s see how it compares. Here’s how much it would cost to get JUST Season 1 in most of the previous releases: Original VHS Release (1 ep per tape, $20.00 each) – $580.00
Laserdisc release (2 eps per disc, $60.00 each) – $900.00
Original DVD release (single discs, 2 eps per disc – $30.00 each) – $450.00
Original DVD Season set – $160.00, original version only (now sells for around $60.00)
HD-DVD/DVD Combo Season Set – $130.00, remastered version only (now sells for around $85.00)
Blu-ray Season 1 set – $120.00 SRP, usually sold for between $60-90, both original and remastered version in HD.
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