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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

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What I mean is that at least if you (the general you) are being outright hostile about it, you are being honest about it. Honest that you're a sexist jerk, but still honest. All of the obsessing over women here can sometimes come off as an attitude of just seeing women as sexual objects, which gets pretty insulting after a while. But you can't call any specific person on it because they were just joking or they didn't mean any harm by it. Yet it fosters an atmosphere of seeing women in a certain light that is hurtful. So in that sense it is worse to me, because not only do you feel objectified but no one's even being honest about it and you can't really bring it up because they will just say you are being too sensitive about it.
I'm sorry to inform you of this but no matter your gender and no matter your age you see attractive people in a sexual light. It's a fact (unless you're asexual). So, no, if someone comments on Jessica Biel or George Clooney they are not being a sexist jerk. That's a ridiculous, and yes overly sensitive, way of looking at things. It's complaints like this that cause the real ones to be brushed away because wolf has been cried too many times.
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