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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

Well said, Sidious (about the previous post).

I think we already have. The remark about creepy comments in the picture thread (although, if you're worried about comments like that I wouldn't post your picture anywhere on the internet) was interesting to me because IIRC a mod did knock those comments down. The Palin thread, which seems to be the crux of this thread due to the quotes, was shut down. At the time I'm guessing that there weren't any mods around and that that is why things went on for so long.
Exactly right, on both counts. Within the preexisting rules of the forum, the people who made the creepy comments in the picture thread were asked to stop, and the Palin thread was friendlied (after which the sexual comments stopped) and later shut down. Things worked as they should. However we can't protect people from ever seeing things that make them uncomfortable, all we can do is react to it after it's been said.

There's also going to be times where none of us are online. It doesn't mean we're ignoring the issue, we're just not seeing it yet. The same goes for when people get upset by something and don't hit notify. We don't see everything, even in topics we sometimes post in. I skim through topics to see if there's any major blow-ups, which means if a comment is just sitting there unresponded to I might miss it. Hit notify if you want to bring it to our attention, don't just assume that we'll come across it eventually.

I think part of the reason the overly sexual/sexist remarks have continued is that we haven't had a public thread like this to discuss the issue. We wanted to have one, but for reasons already expressed earlier it was considered a potential problem. Hopefully now that more people have seen this thread they will become aware of the problem and be more aware of how what they say effects others.

Hermiod, I think you'll find that I agree with you on occasion if you didn't make it your mission in life to see everything I say as coming from your personal nemesis or something. We've agreed on issues in topics before relating to sexist attitudes toward men. We agreed in the very topic you cited even IIRC.

And yes, I did quite explicitly ask you to stop. As did Alidar, as did SPOCKED. How many more is is going to take? Or do they all have a personal vendetta against you, and therefore you can just ignore what they say as well?
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