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So where are Garak and Squiggy's warnings then ?

I don't know if moderators are allowed to put people on ignore, but if you can do so then please do. On a board where the above poster's actions aren't warnable there's no way I've said a damned thing that's actionable so you have no further reason to read what I've said.
Moderators do not have an "ignore" function.

Hermiod, a moderator has asked you to stop and so your ranting in this thread ends now. Nothing (including any warnings) is as yet final, but we need to move this discussion forward and, frankly, you are not helping.
The moderator did not ask me to do anything. He expressed his personal opinion of me and told me what he thought of my views. I do not agree with his view and I don't totally agree with T'Bonz either. I have not 'ranted', and for the most part I agree with the reasoning behind T'Bonz's decision.

Nothing in Locutus' comments couldn't have been sent in a PM and saved me from having to use this thread to answer him. It's his views that had nothing to do with the subject of this thread.

There's not much that could not have been put in a PM in yours either.

My view that this board is oversensitive when it comes to gender stands.
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