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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

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Squiggy, if you have an opinion on how Miscellaneous should be handled as far as moderation goes, maybe you could try discussing this in a serious manner. Jokes have their place, but there are also other times when constructive discussion might be better.
I wasn't aware that jokes were allowed there and this are serious thread. I explain my stance by using humor.

Deal with it or warn me for being funny.
Squiggy, I like your posts. I'm just saying comments like:

Well done. I'll inform the Chariman.

Counting down until this is locked...

Aren't helping the case (there are many who agree with you, but if people see your post first, they might decide that your arguments aren't valid because of how belligerently you've expressed them).

And your fun with selective quoting post is kinda just spamming. It doesn't address the topic at all.

Time and place is my point. 90% of threads they'd be fine. This probably just isn't one of them.
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