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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

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I think finding a board consensus is unlikely, there are too many differing opinions, among staff and among posters. It was necessary for T'Bonz to step in and make a ruling one way or the other. Either we go on as before, or we make changes. Is there a middle ground? If there is, I would be curious to hear it.
On the sexism issue? I can't think of much of a compromise. The current compromise we instituted was to encourage moderators to yell at posters who posted creepy, seemingly sexist comments. Since most of them seem to be doing this unintentionally and it's just part of their personality, the idea was that we couldn't warn for it (it isn't trolling), but they might take the hint and stop. That clearly isn't working so, in that regard, a rule seems best. Maybe exactly what that rule is could still be open for discussion. "Don't say sexist things" is vague enough that figuring out what is sexist is a problem. Of course, moderators could use their judgment and probably will, but a discussion is still helpful. Then again, maybe there is a compromise and both of us are missing it.

For trying to keep TNZ out of Misc and keeping debate civil, I think there's a big difference between allowing all political discussion and banning of calling public figures rude names. So the discussion of politics in Misc has been going on for a long time, but it's still helpful to discuss it.
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