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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

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If numerous and ongoing complaints have arisen from sexism, whether directed at a politician or a poster, then it is obvious there has been a lingering inbedded problem, which needed dealing with. I for one am grateful T'Bonz has taken action to put in a solid zero tolerance rule on sexism. The parameters on this were vague previously, and Misc mods have been letting it slide for far too long for fear of being over-zealous. I cannot even believe the Palin thread was allowed to go that far without one mod saying a word. Yes, a shaking up of the staff amongst themselves was definitely required, before we lost more valuable female contributors over this. A problem which could have been handles as simply as this long ago. I suppose we needed to hit rock bottom before we made changes, always the way though.
Hmm... maybe this thread would have been better placed in the Briefing Room. It seems to me we don't need new rules, but the people in Misc have been allowed to get away with making comments that are upsetting to a lot of people. The way to deal with that is to get the mods to pay closer attention and to tell the posters themselves that such a comment crossed a line.

As has come up within this discussion, some of these comments are jokes that not everyone finds funny. Certainly most of the questionable comments in the photo threads are meant to be humourous rather than seriously creepy. Pointing out that a joke crossed the line, helps everyone measure what's allowable and what isn't.
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