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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

I think T'Bonz's quoting of the Palin topic was just an example. An example to show discussion is fine, trolling and or flaming is not. I do not think it was meant to be taken so literally that anyone who says Seven of Nine's catsuit is too tight should be warned. That's just being silly now. If it was Seven of Nine is a jackass instead, that's trolling and would need a mod to step in if other posters took that badly. That's the kind of modding I would expect to be happening before this thread anyway.

This is a prime example of trying to understand the spirit of the law rather than the letter. The spirit I believe T'Bonz is trying to point out is that MISC is for discussion, those wanting to actively troll or flame, or just test out borderline offensive/funny discussions should take it to TNZ where it is welcome. Mods should be using their own god-given horse-sense rather than being so blindingly literal.

If you don't get bogged down by taking things so literally, there shouldn't be any modding difficulties arising from this.

If numerous and ongoing complaints have arisen from sexism, whether directed at a politician or a poster, then it is obvious there has been a lingering inbedded problem, which needed dealing with. I for one am grateful T'Bonz has taken action to put in a solid zero tolerance rule on sexism. The parameters on this were vague previously, and Misc mods have been letting it slide for far too long for fear of being over-zealous. I cannot even believe the Palin thread was allowed to go that far without one mod saying a word. Yes, a shaking up of the staff amongst themselves was definitely required, before we lost more valuable female contributors over this. A problem which could have been handles as simply as this long ago. I suppose we needed to hit rock bottom before we made changes, always the way though.
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