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I'd like to address some points.

Hermiod, get a blog. If your sexism towards men issue ever actually becomes a significant problem here outside of one poster who also happens to be you constantly harping on it, then get back to us. Otherwise, stop derailing unrelated threads with it and making everything about your personal crusade. It's to the point now where we want to have a discussion with the female posters about sexism issues (this has been an issue behind the scenes for a long time) but hesitate because we know you'll make it all about your little pet peeve inside of ten posts and won't let it go when asked. I think you've proven our concern accurate in this thread. I'm not going to argue with you about it in here after this, because that would quite frankly be a waste of time and would further derail the thread, but seriously, enough already.
To be honest with you - boo fucking hoo. You don't want to talk about it ? Fine. Just because somebody formalised the mini-modding you've been doing for as long as I can remember that doesn't mean you can say a word to me about disrupting threads when you've just done it yourself.

T'Bonz's post was about sexism in Misc and so was mine. There's nothing unrelated about it. If you don't like it, tough.
Not trying to take sides here, but by your own admission, Hermiod, the issue with male sexism happened too long ago for you to even be able to provide a reference for other people to look at. I've seen you post complaints about this issue many times, but I have never seen the source that caused the supposed problem. If you had a genuine concern regarding male sexism, and if that concern was not addressed or dealt with to your liking, I'm sorry about that, but I do think you need to back off.

Sexism of any kind should not be tolerated, but we also shouldn't need to spell that out for everyone. You just sound like a broken record every time you bring this up. Nothing is going to be done about your past issue. I suggest you get over it.
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