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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

I'd like to address some points.

Hermiod, get a blog. If your sexism towards men issue ever actually becomes a significant problem here outside of one poster who also happens to be you constantly harping on it, then get back to us. Otherwise, stop derailing unrelated threads with it and making everything about your personal crusade. It's to the point now where we want to have a discussion with the female posters about sexism issues (this has been an issue behind the scenes for a long time) but hesitate because we know you'll make it all about your little pet peeve inside of ten posts and won't let it go when asked. I think you've proven our concern accurate in this thread. I'm not going to argue with you about it in here after this, because that would quite frankly be a waste of time and would further derail the thread, but seriously, enough already.

Squiggy's "watch me as I rape your face" comment was not in any way sexist in nature if you actually look at it in context and don't just post it as a single line under the heading "Sexist Crap." He used it like "watch me as I destroy your argument" in a post directed at a male poster who was being particularly obtuse and followed it up with plenty of on-topic content to back up his argument. I asked him to stop after said poster complained, not because I thought it was actually sexist or in any way serious, just because if we're being consistent it was a personal comment directed at that poster and as such was not allowed. Squiggy stopped after that and that comment in no way had anything to do with the later sexual comments towards Sarah Palin, and to imply a connection is misleading at best.

I don't see how "I'm stretching for ya, dontcha know" is in any way a sexist comment. It's just referring to the content of the pictures posted.

Sidious already explained the reasoning behind his comment, and why he thinks it should be removed. It was playing off another related comment, and he acknowledged that they should stop. So, I'll let that stand with his own argument.

One comment was about the tightness of Palin's outfit. Borderline, but not directed at a poster here, which would put it in a whole new light. We've had discussions about how tight Troi's outfit was in certain episodes without any issues being raised.

Now, the other three comments were all Garak's, and that's really the heart of the issue here. I agree that it was way over the line. I think the primary reason Garak said it was not to express a sexual attraction to Palin (though he probably does have one) but more to get a rise out of Palin supporters. I could be wrong, but that's how it came off to me. So it's probably trolling, and definitely sexist even if that wasn't his primary intent, because it seeks to make a woman purely a sexual object for his gratification. Plus, the comment by itself was way over the line and not in any way comparable to just saying "I think Sarah Palin is hot."

How this somehow got extended to not being able to insult politicians is beyond me, and I'd like to make it clear that I don't support it. If Palin says people in big cities aren't "real Americans" I've got no problem if someone wants to insult her if they can back it up with some on-topic content. If Obama raises taxes on the middle class after promising not to, and a poster calls him "a lying jackass" I've got no problem with that either if they can again back it up. "Obama is a jackass because..." is fine. I might disagree with you, but I'm not going to warn you for it. Hell, if you can call Obama "der fuhrer" and actually make a cogent argument stating why he is comparable to Hitler I'll even let that pass without a warning. I probably won't appreciate your comment, and I might give you a friendly to tone it down, but if you actually made an attempt to back up the insult instead of just saying it outright as an insult unto itself, I doubt that I'll warn you for it.

What won't pass is comments just designed to piss people off with little or no content to back it up. That's trolling, and it's an existing rule that doesn't need extra draconian extensions about insulting politicians or celebrities tacked onto it in order to be applicable.
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