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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

Question - I've never really understood how the saucer can be able to travel at warp without the nacelles, as surely the nacelles generate the subspace/warp field necessary? I have always understood warp drive to function on the principle that the nacelles warp space with a high-energy subspace field, allowing the ship to travel at FTL speeds.

Saquist - you there? Following on from our discussion over on the other thread:

"The intermix chamber is where the crystals are".

Not necessarily. There is no clear indication on the TMP engine core that crystals are contained within, unlike the TNG Enterprise where there is a central crystal housing. It is entirely possible that the crystals are housed in a seperate structure, ie the reactor room where Spock dies, or that the engine core itself utilises a different method of dilithium regulation, eg dilithium is uniformly embedded in the entire engine core (as discussed by Praetor in the post above). As I have stated, the identical reactor chamber seen in Voyage Home containing crystals would seem to confirm the first hypothesis.

"You're saying it's logical to compare Klingon technology and design and Star Fleet technology and design as being synonomous?"

It is a reasonable assumption, given the evidence, that both Klingon and Starfleet warp technology functions using similar principles. Why? Because we know from Voyage Home that Klingon birds of prey use dilithium crystals, which is a matter/antimatter regulator - hence, a M/ARA system. We hear Scotty in Search for Spock asking "where's the damn anti-matter inducer?" Clearly, a function he expects to find and knows how to use, because their warp drive must operate using the same principles. Unlike, for example, Romulan warp drive, which we know uses an artificial singularity as its power source (although exactly how that works has never been explained).

"Looks like a plasma valve to me".

Does it? What does your average "plasma valve" look like, then? Can't say I've seen many of them. What evidence are you basing that on?

Your description of impulse drive operation - I'm not disagreeing, but where did you get that detailed run-down from? The only description I've ever seen is in the TNG technical manual and I don't recall anything about distortion waves, to say nothing of deflection crystals.
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