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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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I never had that specific discussion with Jimm, but I was thinking the same thing when overhauling "The Atlantis Invaders". I made a mental list of things, visual and plot-wise that I always wanted to see on TOS and never did. There was a space battle in the script, but I think I was successful in giving it a twist that made it pretty unlike any aired Trek episode in how it played out,
You have me curious, DS9Sega... do you think we'll ever see "The Atlantis Invaders"? Are you saying you helped write it? Was any filming ever done on it? Are they any future plans with Jimm?

So curious....
It was written with the original intent of the shipboard scenes being shot concurrently with The Tressaurian Intersection, but the scenes were not shot as they had to focus on getting TTI wrapped.

As to writing, I wrote it. Not the original version that used to be on the ExeterStudio site, but a complete rewrite. The script was in what I like to call a draft 2.5 state. The shipboard scenes were final, but the planteside scenes were going to get a thorough revision.

I don't feel comfortable speculating on what others might do. I will say that "Atlantis" was a bigger episode than TTI in terms of numbers of sets and costumes and characters, and likely even VFX (and this is after I scaled it back from the original concept), and I think perhaps overly ambitious for a fan film, but there was some neat stuff in it, and what I hoped would be a romance for the Captain that would be adult and not cringe-worthy.

As for me, it's been too many years and I've gone onto other projects and done some short films on my own and probably wouldn't do any more work on it even if they wanted to shoot it. I'd just hand over all my notes and say "good luck!"
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