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Re: 2009 Fall Book Preview With Covers

BillJ wrote: View Post
Don't even understand what that has to do with the discussion.
You raised the topic of "posters who'll come running to 'save the day' whenever someone questions a production or creative decision made by Pocket." Can we not come running to that topic any more?

Once again this is value vs. costs for New Frontier: Treason, a book that has roughly the same word count as Before Dishonor for twice the price.
The only reason "Treason" wasn't in hardcover was because Pocket has dropped the line in favour of trades. "Treason" was made to stand tall beside the other "New Frontier". I didn't bother calculating word counts but "Treason" felt like a typical meaty NF read to me. "Before Dishonor" is part of the MMPB TNG Relaunch, recent titles of which are also MMPB.

I liked the hardcovers too. Felt like I was actually getting something more for the additional cost.
Then think of trades as cheaper versions of the hardcovers. Nice big cover art, stand on the same shelf as your hardcovers, but half the price.

This was never about affording the book. Once again it's about value vs. costs. I have Mere Anarchy and several of the Mirror/Myriad Universes titles sitting on my shelf. Again, I felt there was something of value there that made them worth the additional price.
And "Treason" is probably meatier than the average MMPB. You are complaining that "Treason" was a MMPB sized book in trade guise, but it's just a easily seen as an economical version of a hardcover.

As far as 1979 goes, isn't Simon and Shuster a subsidiary of Viacom, which owns Paramount?
Simon & Schuster is is a licensee of Star Trek, but they compete with all other potential licensees when contracts are up for renewal.
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