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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

After reading through the original threads, some of those are indeed taken out of context. That doesn't mean "Hey, awesome face raping!" but it does mean there's more than what's on the surface. That being said, TNZ really is always open for political discussion, and gets a far worse reputation than it deserves. Yes, we're a rowdy bunch of badass Gods among men, but we do delve into very serious debate and discussion. You see, TNZ is almost exactly like Misc save for one thing: We don't tolerate ignorance. If you throw out paint chip levels of stupid, we'll call you on it. If you don't, you're fine. Usually, the people who want to troll Misc go and do it in TNZ until they get kicked out or bored, and then they prey on the innocent posters of Miscellaneous. So really, TNZ as an alternative isn't a bad choice.

Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Oh wait, should I have ended that post with something else?

I think heaven is what you make it. When I close my eyes for the final time, I hope to wake up standing in a grassy, breezy, sunlit field, a green tennis ball at my feet, and a little black lab, with a white diamond on her chest, running right towards me.
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