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Re: Terminator: Survival Instinct

^ I'm afraid this is the final story. I'm debating whether to continue or not with more additions. I've been mulling over about five different ideas for my next writing project. They are:

A Star Trek story set in the time of my RPG dealing with the blending of the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan fleets.

A Star Wars story set in between the Clone Wars and A New Hope about the crew of an Acclamator Class Troop Transport that disobeyed Order 66.

A Star Wars story set 5,000 years following the events of Legacy. The force has left the galaxy and become myth, until the Valley of the Jedi is found.

A Terminator story finishing the events of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. John is trapped in the future and forced to deal with a world where he never existed.

A Terminator story continuing the events of the Earl Wise trilogy. Captain Wise has been sent back to kill Serena Kogen, but what happens when he uncovers the truth?
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