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Two days after Leg Day my friend thought he was dying. He had to waddle everywhere he went.

However, despite the great pain he was in, he has still be going at it. His girlfriend told me he can't stop talking about working out with me. I typed up a workout routine for him, and he hung it on the fridge!

The only thing that really sucks is that he's basically been working twice as much as normal this week (so he's exhausted) and next week he's going out of town for vacation (so he won't be able to workout). I've been calling this his "practice week" just to get him used to the exercises and to get comfortable in the gym. Once he gets back from vacation, we'll start going at it full steam. I even made spreadsheets and a workout journal for him! I bought him a frickin binder!

I'm calling him my Personal Training Guinea Pig since I will hopefully be certified soon.
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