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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

Squiggyfm wrote: View Post
Sweet! I got a mention!

I'll add humor to the things that aren't allowed in here.

1. Fat people (or mentioning that fat people do exist. We're all God's beautiful creatures (whoops, shouldn't mention God...that might make someone feel icky))
2. Making people feel icky.
3. Speaking ill of our glorious politicians.

Well done. I'll inform the Chariman. Might wanna start censoring the avatars of certain people who have Obama terrorist fist jabbing Amademajad with a mushroom cloud in the back ground...lest the moderation of this board seem biased.

But we all know that isn't the case.

Counting down until this is locked...
Speaking of a lack of humor.

Look, many of the things in that thread were ugly (and I don't even like Palin!) The problem is two-fold:

1 - the sexist stuff. It's getting really bad. I'm getting MULTIPLE complaints mainly from women, and no, they're not from thin-skinned women.

Some locker room type discussion was in there. I'm lewd, crude and rude and if it makes ME wince, it's bad.

2. Political discussion. We have TNZ. TNZ is lovely that if you don't like a politician, you can let 'er rip. Political discussion in Misc is supposed to be more, well, discussion.

Squiggy, I'm being told, loudly and clearly, that some of the postings in Misc are making multiple people uncomfortable. Oh, they don't come on here and whine, nor do they fight with some of you. They just leave, or they come to some of us privately, asking for help.

Telling them basically to fuck off, or get a humor transplant ain't the answer. In TNZ, since it's opt-in and more freewheeling, people join with that knowledge and if they can't deal, they can opt out. Misc was never meant to be that way.

It's not hard to discuss politics without delving into personal attack. I don't mean legitimate criticism or even legitimate anger/frustration over political issues, I mean the personal attacks for no reason with each successive poster trying to top each other in nastiness. That's not really discussion, is it?

We've provided TNZ for people to express themselves in negative ways if they feel like it. It's a great place to do that if you feel the need and those who don't like that type of thing know that they need to stay away if that is the case. Misc isn't TNZ and I don't want the same non-discussion behaviors dragged into it. We really don't need two TNZs.
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