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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

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So, if the moderators are receiving enough complaints that they think there is a prevailing culture of sexism (humourous or otherwise) and not just isolated train-wrecks of threads or posts, then we all need to look to how we respond and joke and maybe dial it back a bit.
I absolutely agree, I'm just pissed that my post (well, half of it) is quoted in the OP when it was meant to have the opposite effect.
Sorry, but the best way to deal with something like that is to either CLEARLY state your displeasure, or do not go anywhere near it. I'm afraid you set yourself up for that and even if it doesn't reflect sexism, it reflects poor judgment.

Overall, I think this is a clear example that even if some people may have MEANT nothing bad, clearly people need to think more carefully before hitting "post."
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