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Maybe you should worry about it when it's actually a problem and, for now, focus on what this thread is about.
I can give you an example. If I said "I'd like to fondle David Duchovny's ass" no one would care. Hell, some people would probably laugh. But if I said, "I'd like to fondle Jessica Biel's ass" people would bitch and moan and we'd end up with another thread like this.
Actually no. I don't think anyone would care two hoots if you said you wanted to fondle Jessica Biel's ass. If you said it in the middle of a thread about how she's planning to run for the Senate, then people might have a problem.

If there was a thread about Duchovny running for the Senate and it was derailed by women posting drool smilies ( but it's your example not mine ) - then there would be complaints too. Admittedly mostly along the line of "how come they're allowed to do this when we aren't" but that's the BBS for you.
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