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Starbase 309 and the USS Janos

So this is the very first game I've run and it has a large amount of sentimental value to me, not to mention it's been going on for 3 years (come this September ). However, it is on the ropes and i absolutely do not want it to die. True, activity is at, like, the bottom of the barrel but the writing that does take place and the level of character development with all of the characters is remarkable. I honestly feel there are no shallow, under developed characters here.
The Background
Janos and 309 are a base and starship duo stationed outside of the Galactic Barrier during 2380 in the area of space between the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies. Placed in orbit of Magnia, a rare M-class planet populated by descendants of the SS Valiant, one of the first human spacefaring vessels. In 2333, the USS Stargazer was sent across the barrier to investigate the possible energence of a new threat to the Federation. It was then that the Federation came in contact with the Nuyyad and the Magnians. (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before", TNG: The Valiant) Relations with the Magnians continued and flourished to the point of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two. Thus eventually setting the stage for the Janos and 309.

During all of the confusion that followed the Dominion War, Starfleet Command and the Federation Council came to realize that they needed a safe haven in the event that the unimaginable should happen: Earth fell and the continuation of the government could not be guaranteed within the Alpha, Beta, or Gamma Quadrants. Hence, "Operation Decouverte," a top secret program that was given to Admiral Motwani. Of the many options presented, only one made sense and could realistically be achieved - build a Starbase outside the Galatic Barrier in orbit of friendly Magnia. After some initially tense discussions via the Embassy in Rome, the plan was approved and given the go-ahead by both governments. construction began in 2377, and required the diversion of key resources to build the base.

The base and her "support ship" the USS Janos, were made operational in 2380, following a rushed pace of construction on the base, and was quickly staffed by a wide variety of Magnian Defense Corps officers and Starfleet Officers. Now as the year prepares to turn into 2381, the rest of the Federation is dealing with the sudden return of the Borg, the Janos and her crew are now dealing with new threats such as they have never dealt with before.
Current Mission: "All...bad things?"
What starts as a somewhat normal day for the crews of 309 and Janos, suddenly turns into confusion when the crew of the base, in a case of "lost in translation", manage to offend an alien trader. In his retaliation for the apparent offense, the alien fires what appears to be sub-par weaponry against the station. At first the crews notice nothing until moments later they find themselves not where they are supposed to be. Unbeknownst to them they have all been thrown 20 years into the future. A future they certainly haven't been expecting.

The Federation is at war with the Nuyyad, a war that the Federation is loosing, miserably. Federation strategists put the end of the war within weeks if not days with the fall of Earth and Starfleet has been reduced to a mere shadow of itself. With the Romulans and Klingons loosing the war on their own fronts against the Nuyyad, its up to the crews of the Janos and 309 to find out where they went wrong and how to prevent this dystopian dream from happening. But can they do so in time as the Nuyyad fleet surges towards Earth seemingly sealing their fate?
Are you willing to help them find a way past it all? Do you have a character that really just wants to get away from it all or has a past that's better left concealed? Then join today!

Starbase 309 and USS Janos (link) - Yes I realize that it looks fairly dead, but that is the whole point of advertising: to get people to help bolster activity!

Open Positions:
  • Chief Helm Officer
  • Chief Security/Tactical Officer
  • Chief Counselor/Diplomatic Officer
  • SFMC Corps Commander
  • Chief of Strategic Operations
  • Chief Flight Control Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Counselor

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