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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

I do like the Politics subforum idea, but then we get into Brier Patch/Think Tank territory. I think it's impossible to control what people say in the face of anonymity around here and that's unfortunate, but it's also the reason I don't participate in political threads.

After thinking about this over the night, I am still shocked at some of the quotes quoted in the original post but do wonder if this is an overreaction. Misc is a big forum, with a lot of people and a lot of ideas conflicting together. I agree the sexist comments need to stop, if it is a public figure or not, but things should be taken on a post by post, context by context basis. If not, than Misc will not be as great anymore and one of the reasons Misc was great was because the mods did know a bit of lenency when a post would require a bit of lenency.
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