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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

okay, I'm having a bad day and don't have going to see Trek to look forward to, so I'm thinking about this more than I should. Normal silent service will resume tomorrow....

Right then.

The humour in Misc has always leant towards the juvenile and sophmoric - boys making smutty jokes about women and that level of talking - from both male and female posters.

An attempt to make Misc a better place for serious discussions on wide-ranging topics was undertaken when the lounges were created (I think that's where the lounges came from anyway). But I think this was less successful than it could have been because the lounges were made rank specific, so they don't get used much and most of the humour/chit-chat "fun" threads stay in Misc, and it's just as hard to keep a serious conversation going as it ever was.

Recently we went through a phase of "anything political/hot-button goes in TNZ" - because people were getting too unpleasant. This is unfair to those people who don't want to wade though several posts of people sniping at each other to find posts on the topic of the thread. Although there are some great, serious, detailed threads within TNZ - they can be as difficult to find as in Misc.

So, here's my idea.

Split Misc in two.

One for serious discussion, one for fun stuff. The person who starts the thread can decide whether they want serious discussion or not. Make one a sub-forum of the other if you want - or at least keep the same mods, so moving threads is easier if there is something completely misplaced.

I'm not suggesting tighter rules, just a separation - for one thing, it'll make threads easier to follow and it'll be easier to understand people's expectations. If someone posts a thread about Sarah Palin in the "fun stuff" forum, don't expect serious political discourse.

Okay, I'm done
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