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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

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Honestly, if you're such a massive troll that you can't abide by the extremely limited rules of TNZ, despite the 15 chances to shape up that you get, and get booted, I'm not sure I understand the logic that you'll be a model poster in the open areas of the board.
Did you actually read Spiff's post(s) where he said that two people have been removed from TNZ thus far this year, and neither of them participated in the thread in question? Why are you harping on this point when it has no relevance whatsoever to this issue?
Would love some honest opinions on that part. Seems like a logical disconnect to me. To use a bad analogy, if the prisioner in the Max Security wing can't behave himself and keep from rioting, moving him into GenPop and assuming that will fix things makes the Warden look kinda foolish, doesn't it?
So you're saying the board's staff look foolish over something that isn't even part of this issue?

Only part that is blending these two problems is when the TNZ exiles take up the same schtick in Misc, since they are banned from TNZ.
One more time: Two people have been banned from TNZ. Two. One has effectively left the board as a result and the other took no part in the thread in question. The other participants were indeed mostly TNZ regulars. Are you saying they're "massive trolls" who can't post normally elsewhere?

Again: Why are you harping on something that has no relevance to this issue?

Anyone who knows any of those posters knew it wasn't intended the way Bonz portrayed it, but out of context, doesn't look great.
So there's a context for saying that a woman should be serving drinks and performing analingus while wearing as little as possible? Perhaps, but Miscellaneous isn't that place.
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