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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

Context matters.

The "watch me as I rape your face" was a reference to a film, and when it was said it was referring to destroying someone's post not to raping someone. I know the poster who posted this and he is in no way a sexist nor okay with rape. Now it's not a nice phrase, I'll grant you that.

But you know what I find sexist? The fact that this is somehow especially offensive towards women. Men get raped and sexually abused as well. So that's some sexist thinking in the OP right there.

Secondly, one of the posts quoted is mine, but not in completion which is totally unfair and intellectually dishonest. My post was, in response to this quote:

You should see the 'enhanced interrogation techniques' I have lined up for her.
I stated:

"Just bend right over this board..."

Okay, we need to stop.
As in, is this where we're going to end up, saying "Just bend right over this board..."? Hence the laughing face of we need to stop now but doing it lightly. If you didn't get that, fine, but it in no way had a sexist intention.

I ask that you remove it since you minsinterpreted its meaning. I had no problem with posts joking around about her attractiveness (both men and women on the board joke aobut wanting to have sex with someone) but the enhanced interrogation techniques was too far hence my post of trying to lightly point out the ridiculousness of where that would end up.

Edit: And you'll also notice that afterwards I skirted away from any such discussion on her looks because I knew it was going too far.
We've met before, haven't we?

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