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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

The Palin thread went on far longer than I expected given some of the comments that were posted, and not warned about. Not even unofficially warned about until some time later. That thread had some of the worst comments and insults I've seen allowed to slip by here I can think of.

Coming from me, that says something. This place used to be a lot more lax back in the day and it rarely delved into that kind of remarking in Misc. TNZ it would but not in here. It's as much the mods letting it go by as it is the members who made the comments though. In the future stuff like that should be handled faster. Even after it was said to stop those comments a few people kept on and it wasn't until a few days later it was finally locked.

It's hardly limited to sexism either but so far the fat vs thin argument in the "Jolie" thread has not been given this treatment yet. It has some genuinely sexist remarks in addition to the usual remarks any time someone is accused of being too thin or too fat.

The same can be said of the Michael Jackson threads. I stopped reading or just avoided reading some of those making some claims that weren't discussed in an appropriate tone. True or not what he did, there are better ways to address it than some members have done.

I'm sure there are other, more crass threads I could point out but I don't read everything in here for that very reason. And I'm no thin-skinned newbie either.
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