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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

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So, honestly, and not being "cute," I don't really get your issue. Are you saying that you want people booted from TNZ to be banned from the board? Are you saying politics should be banned from Misc?
I think it's more like this: If people can't behave themselves in TNZ, of all places, how can we expect them to behave themselves elsewhere on the board?
I get that, but it goes back to my "cute" question. If we throw out people who are removed from TNZ, then we are giving the TNZ mods the ability to permaban people.

The only way to not have that be the case is to let the people who are booted from TNZ have their trial run on the rest of the board. And again, in that aspect, the only people booted from TNZ in 2009 have been TLS and Wombat.
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