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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

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So, honestly, and not being "cute," I don't really get your issue. Are you saying that you want people booted from TNZ to be banned from the board? Are you saying politics should be banned from Misc?
I think it's more like this: If people can't behave themselves in TNZ, of all places, how can we expect them to behave themselves elsewhere on the board?
Yeah - but that's a whole separate conversation - and not connected with this issue, since the people making these problem posts are not those who have been kicked out of TNZ and are also not in response to people who have been kicked out of TNZ.

It's nothing to do with TNZ.

Some people like to push the envelope of what is acceptable. Personally I think a response of "Oh dear lord, that wasn't pleasant" from all who don't like it accompanied with, if they deem it necessary, a notification so that the moderators can come in and, if warranted, agree and tell the original poster that they've crossed the line, warnings and comments to PM etc.

I hadn't realised that it was so prevalant in Misc that people consider Misc a no-go area. But maybe I read the wrong threads.
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