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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

Closer to yes on the first question, no to the second.

Honestly, if you're such a massive troll that you can't abide by the extremely limited rules of TNZ, despite the 15 chances to shape up that you get, and get booted, I'm not sure I understand the logic that you'll be a model poster in the open areas of the board. Would love some honest opinions on that part. Seems like a logical disconnect to me. To use a bad analogy, if the prisioner in the Max Security wing can't behave himself and keep from rioting, moving him into GenPop and assuming that will fix things makes the Warden look kinda foolish, doesn't it?

Politics in Misc, in and of themselves, are fine. Just need to enforce the existing rules about trolling, flaming, and baiting that exist. Don't need more rules, topic bans, lists of banned words, or other foolishness. Like many reactionary moves here, though, we tend to over-react and blame the subject matter rather than the obvious reasons for the problem. Misc is supposed to be moderated, so if the mods just apply the existing rules, should be just fine.

Only part that is blending these two problems is when the TNZ exiles take up the same schtick in Misc, since they are banned from TNZ. They bring with them, wanted or not, more of the TNZ crowd with them, which ends up in the same behavior, by both sides. In this instance, it was pretty much all TNZ regulars in the thread (with limited participation by anyone else), so naturally it disolved into a TNZ thread pretty quickly. Old habits i guess.

Disagree with most of what Bonz said, and it appears you do too, so that's a start. Over-reaction after letting things go too far, again. Would love to see how many complaints over it, and from who, honestly. Anyone who knows any of those posters knew it wasn't intended the way Bonz portrayed it, but out of context, doesn't look great. Seems like the solution in this case would have been to close the thread, move it to TNZ, or remind the guys posting that it needed to be cleaned up. We've tended more towards random over-reaction, though. Sure in the end, this "sexism" thing will end up another unspoken rule, like the last blowup over the word "fat"...

Just enforce the current rules, and close or move threads that are getting out of control. Like we've been doing for years. Letting a thread (or several) go to shit, and then blowing up over it, is a problem to take up with the mods, not so much the posters, as there are plenty of obvious ways to deal with it.
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