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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

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Just read the user names for the last few pages of the thread. All either TNZ regulars, or in a few cases (TLS is the first example I saw, hard to give too many examples since TNZ banning itself is rather hush-hush and not subject to annoucement or review) those that have been kicked out or left on their own. And hell, the quotes posted? Garak, Squiggy, etc.
The only people kicked out of TNZ in the last several months have been CleverWombat and TLS. The former has disappeared and the latter had nothing to do with what happened here. Permabanning either of them wouldn't have done a thing to prevent this incident.

There are plenty of us on staff who think this is an overreaction. The problem we were dealing with was many women on the board and the staff saying that they feel uncomfortable in Misc and avoid it due to some of these remarks. So plenty of us thought we need to try to keep it in check. I don't know why this got extended to the discussion of politics in Misc, because that played a very small part in the problem. I'm sure Bonz will be along to explain, but I'm hoping some of this announcement can be scaled back a bit.

So, honestly, and not being "cute," I don't really get your issue. Are you saying that you want people booted from TNZ to be banned from the board? Are you saying politics should be banned from Misc?
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