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Sounds like my brother and the Maccas near where we live. They seem to get his order wrong more often then not. I was with him once and the guy at the window didn't have any receipt paper so we get no recent and when we got to the food window they claimed my brother didn't order a drink with his value meal and he let it go. I was off staying at the window and arguing for 30 minutes. But it did sort of right itself, the next time he went they put two burgers in his bag...which probably meant the guy behind him got screwed.

I worked at a KFC for 8 months back in 2001 as a cooking slaving. Wasn't too bad, other then the many, many oil burns I suffered. Also lived with a girl on college who worked at KFC while she was at uni but unlike me she was did the late to close shifts so she use to come back with a crap load of chips, chicken, bread, gravy, popcorn chicken anything they couldn't keep overnight. On a catered college where you eat at 5:30-6PM and the food sometimes isn't all that flash it was truly awesome at times to get skanky, lukewarm KFC that spent 20 mins in someones backpack.

I also found out on a cold winter's night there is nothing like a warm KFC gravy footbath...good times.
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