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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

so, nile, how could you leave 'exposed' off that list of sylar episodes? i gave up after a while and have just been watching them in sequence, and this episode gives us a huge part of that character's motivation. (finally!) i admit there isn't a lot of killing in it, but what fun is that, anyway, if it's just sort of meaningless? guess i'm prolly only speaking for myself here, but i love characters who stand up to a little basic psychoanalysis. this is why i enjoy spock so much, he has always been the deepest of the TOS characters. seems like quinto has a talent for playing guys who are conflicted and complicated. i look forward to seeing more of this work for many years to come.

ps - big thanks to everyone who's been posting the pics! what fun! screencaps are great, but i like the candid ones the best. esp. the one where he has the string in his mouth. that's adorable.
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