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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

Since it seems to take an act of congress (and running through the BR for consensus) before punting someone from TNZ anyway, you tell me. Instead of trying to be cute, though, how about admiting that that IS the problem, and that it's the TNZ castoffs (and then their 'enemies' that follow them around) that are causing these problems. It's not like it's subtle, or by strange, unknown posters. It's fairly obvious, by all the familiar names, and then the TNZ rabble piles on, trying to play the usual games. Allow the same ex-TNZ trolls to run around baiting long enough, not a shocker that things are going to get worse. And then once a thread has all the TNZ regulars in it, it starts to take on a TNZ tone. Shocker!

Suppose a *I'm SHOCKED at this behavior* thread at the top of the forum is easier than dealing with it, or admitting that it was pretty predictable.
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