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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
I agree, that the mods may be a little overzealous in regards to nudity, but that's hardly a shocking example of sexism.
It's only applied in such a manner when it comes to one gender.

The best example actually comes from this thread.

T'Bonz wrote: View Post
I have had multiple complaints lately from women on our BBS about the tone in this (and sometimes other) forums. Some women feel unwelcome and uncomfortable on parts of the board, due to a very nasty tendency of some men (note the "some") to express themselves in a way that makes women uncomfortable.
I'm assuming this issue came up because of the thread about Sarah Palin's resignation that Locutus locked. The mods did their job there. It's clearly a horrible thread and it got locked. What more did the people who complained directly to T'Bonz want ?

The comments that got it locked were, arguably, trolling anyway. We have an existing rule to deal with that. Would comments that were equally offensive but not derogatory towards women have received equal priority ?
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