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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

Some of that stuff is clearly over the line, but people are being overly sensitive as well. Good example of that would the holy war that is set off any time someone uses the word "fat".

As for the politics part: what did you honestly expect? You've taken the posters that have proven that they are too big a troll to be allowed in TNZ, a "free for all" forum, and told them that they can still post in MISC, and expect them to suddenly play nice, with no trolling or baiting. Seriously? They couldn't behave in TNZ, so how was this rationally supposed to work? That some of these TNZ castoffs (and yes, they bring their opponents in to fight with them, because otherwise, where would the fun be?) are stiring up political stuff in MISC, you have only yourselves to blame. This wasn't a problem before that 'lil policy was put into place. Maybe if someone is too big a troll to post in a trolling-allowed forum, you should boot them entirely, instead of putting them in here with these delicate flowers?
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