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Babylon 5 - I'm finally going to do it

Well, long time regulars might know that I've been asking a lot about Babylon 5 and I've never really gotten around to watching it. Well, despite not having the DVDs, I'm still going to watch the series through other "legal" means such as Hulu, AOL, and Of course the quality may not be as good but one advantage is I'm watching on a nice screen that I hooked up to the laptop.

I really have been confused on where I start the series so I decided I'm starting with the pilot and working my way through one season at a time. Then I may buy the movies, but as of now, it's just seasons 1-5 (Hopefully I get all of them).

Tonight I started this little endevor by watching The Gathering. Now, I've seen some of Babylon 5 before, especially the Sinclair years but for some reason I dropped off and now I can finally restart. As for this episode, It wasn't a bad premiere, and I kinda wish Tokashima wasn't replaced but somehow included with the new cast. I kinda liked her. Sinclair is someone I will have to get used to until Sharidon comes along but that's alright and Delenn, well, when does she get the hair.

Anyway, it was a good start. Kind of routine, but I like those murder mystery episodes and this one had a few good moments, like the quiet scenes between Delenn and Sinclair in the Garden and the end scene with Sinclair putting the fake tracking device into G'Kar.

Still, I can't wait to get to the heart of this journey. I know the end quote of the series, and I know to get there this series was be really worth it. Who knows, if I love it, I might just get the DVDs.
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