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Re: Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

2. Misc-TNZ and Politics:

Misc is NOT TNZ. Discussion is to be civil in here.

Civil means just that. It means NO INSULTING.

The Sarah Palin thread is a perfect example of why I did not want politics in Misc. Because what happened was that while some actually discussed the politics and why they liked/disliked Palin (and it could just as well been Hillary, Obama, Bush, take your pick) too many turned it into insults.


Acceptable: I don't like Sarah Palin because she was a hypocrite." (giving the reason why you feel she was hypocrite.) OR "I don't like Obama because he is not keeping his promise" (again giving a reason.)


- Palin is a jackass.
- Obama is a jackass

Neither are discussion. Both are insults. This is not the place for insults. If you need to attack a politician personally (not the politics or what he/she has done, but a personal attack,) that is NOT for Misc. That type of discussion may occur in TNZ.

If you want politics in here, this is how it will be. The mods will warn you if you get personal like you have been with political stuff.

You MAY still post political stuff. You may not post things which are insulting a person, not their policy and you may not say sexist or racist things.
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