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Misc - Several issues - Misc Posters Read!

I know this is long. You need to read it anyhow. If not, don't blame me when I warn you, OK? I will post it in separate sections in this thread.

Issue #1. Inappropriate Content:

I have had multiple complaints lately from women on our BBS about the tone in this (and sometimes other) forums. Some women feel unwelcome and uncomfortable on parts of the board, due to a very nasty tendency of some men (note the "some") to express themselves in a way that makes women uncomfortable.

Hell, I'm thick-skinned, due to growing up with a rather vulgar brother, but after reading some of what I read, while I'm not uncomfortable, I'm angry.

Here are some examples from a nasty little thread. Bear in mind that over time, I've seen equally ugly little comments in other threads, about men wanting to "do" women and such. But so you can see what I find problematic, here is a sampling of some sexist crap:

(Warning, this is some unpleasant stuff. Be prepared before you read.)

Nobody's scared of the racist little bitch.
watch me as I rape your face.
I however just want to give it to her one way. In the arse. Man that chick is so hot.
One can only hope that hot little tart Sarah Palin resigned to follow her life long calling - serving me drinks in as little clothing as possible and licking my asshole with that sumptuous mouth of hers upon request.
Responding to that:

"Just bend right over this board..."
Photo captions for pic of Palin:
I'm stretchin' for ya...doncha know.
Any tighter and we'd be in camel toe territory. that body is wasted on her.
"must not fap"
This was all FROM ONE THREAD.

I don't want to EVER see this kind of crap in Misc again. It is DRIVING off women, making the female mods uncomfortable (and me angry, since I always have to be different :/ ) and making those who are saying this look like they're sexist with no respect for women.

Is that what you want to show?

Now if you do this in the Wild-West TNZ, that's one thing. People know what they're in for there and can opt out.

But no more in Misc. It ends NOW.

Don't say sexist things like this. Don't say CREEPY things when women post their photos or say things in Misc. Don't do it.

Because it will be warned from here on out.

Next part: Misc-TNZ and Politics.
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