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Re: Farscape - anything I need to know?

So, i've just finished watching Farscape. It's quite good, definitely worth watching once. I would not watch it again, even though i enjoyed it. Some episodes really lagged, but all in all, it was good in its "campiness". The first half of the 4th season was the worse, in my opinion, coming out of an excellent 3rd season. Thankfully it got better and i had to watch the last 5 episodes one after the other. I think that Bad Timing is as good a finale as PKW. If it would have been the last of Farscape, it would have been true to its spirit, breaking the mold.

Off to see Jericho now, I have a thing for lost causes

ps: i really wanted to see Zhaan in the PKW, it's a pity she wasn't there instead of the annoying Sark or Noranti
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