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I once returned a hamburger to McDonald's. Yes I actually got my dollar back and had to fill out a form. I was so pissed. I hate McDonald's food, except their breakfast, so I went there for breakfast one day. It was about 15 minutes before breakfast ended and as we went through the drive-thru they had the breakfast menu up, regular menu covered. So I order a number 2. And they give me a number 2 off the regular menu. I ask about it and they say "oh we ran out of breakfast a while ago." WTF?? You couldn't tell me that BEFORE I ordered?? And why the hell is the breakfast menu still up if you have no breakfast food? It really pissed me off that they didn't have the decency to inform me when I had ordered.

And another time my family stopped at an Arby's. And we ordered a whole bunch of stuff, we're a big family. And the woman tells us AFTER WE'VE ORDERED, that they are out of roast beef. Yes, that's right! Arby's was out of roast beef!!! The only thing we could order really was mozzarella sticks.
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