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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Equinox (****)

Equinox does many things right and it has a great concept; Voyager comes across the ship she could have been had things gone a little differently at the start. They also throw in a great moral dilemma as Ransom's desire to get his crew home safe has led him to commit murder upon hundreds of alien beings. This is a great use of Voyager's premise and the best concept for an episode since... probably season 1 or 2.

So why only four stars? I have never liked how Ransom is portrayed, it makes me think of Don Corleone being played by Christopher Walken. Actually, that sounds pretty cool. Nonetheless, that performance never worked for me and the whole episode his voice sounds like as if it was looped in post-production. Then there's the relationship between B'Elanna and Burke which I thought added little to the episode while making B'Elanna look a bit foolish. Maybe that will come into focus in the second part, I can't remember. The end also gets a bit technobabbleish with Kim shouting about the shields being at certain percentage points while B'Elanna and Tuvok discuss how power relays have been disconnected from the field emitter. The episode also feels a bit rushed, particularly towards the end.

While watching it I had some ideas of what I would have done differently (and yes, I did steal some of them from BSG's Pegasus) but I'll get into that when I write up my opinions on the season tomorrow.

For now the season is over, go in peace to love and serve the Lord.
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