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I will say that my dad worked at KFC for about a year when he was a teenager, and now he refuses to go there ever again. He says it's because he got sick of eating it so often but I think that he may have some disturbing insider knowledge!
I think that's endemic to working in or near any sort of food service stablishment. All through college and for a few years after, I was a bartender / bar manager, and in the places that served food, I probably couldn't bring myself to eat at any of them again. My junior year of college, while I was working three jobs to build up capital for a business loan, I worked at a video game store that was right next-door to a Subway. Between the smell of the bread permeating the store, and the fact that we were always so consistently busy and / or short-staffed that running to the Subway twice a day for food was a necessity, it took a long time for me to be able to stomach that stuff again.
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