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My local KFC always gets my order right and the servers are always polite and helpful. and whenever I go in in my wheelchair, they always offer to bring my food to me instead of shouting out my name.

The only problem I ever have with them is when I pay with my ATM, the damn computer always locks up. It's always me, never anybody else. But I've gotten around that by always taking in cash.
I'm glad your location has some basic humanity. I wouldn't want to know how my KFC would treat you. There is evil in that place. Pure evil.

On the bright side, just went to Tommy's Hamburgers. It's kind of like In-N-Out with a chili fetish. Or I guess it's kind of like a Jermaine Jackson. I mean everyone knows he ain't Michael, and sometimes they forget he exists, but when you actually see him do his thing, he ain't half bad!

Anyway, I ordered for two people. One hamburger with everything, one double cheeseburger with no tomatoes, pickles, or mustard, and one order of regular fries. And what did I get? Exactly that, my double cheeseburger had chili, cheese, and onions, and none of the stuff I don't like. It was an order of magnitude more difficult than what I asked of KFC, yet they didn't fail me.

Unfortunately I have some actual work to do today, but hopefully I can get it out of the way so I can write a complaint letter to KFC. Yes, a complaint letter... that should do nicely! Mwahahahahahahaha
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