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Wow you're angry.
You don't know the half of it. While composing the response below, my furious typing caused me to knock over my can of Cherry Coke Zero. It spilled all over my desk, mousepad, and a spindle of CDs/DVDs. KFC's reach in making my life miserable seemingly knows no bounds!
I get confused for being much younger than I really am all the time. I went to get car insurance the other day and my mom was with me because of some other business and everyone thought I was a teenager. They said, "oh is this your first car?? Congratulations, did you just get your license?!" I said, "No, I'm 23, I'm just getting new insurance." And one lady didn't believe me! She was like, "YOU, graduated COLLEGE?!" Yes, why is that so hard to believe??
One time I tried buying a pack of cigarettes for a friend and the cashier refused my ID!! He said there was no way I was older than 18!
I can live with being carded for booze, or cigarettes if I were a smoker, but 21/18 and fucking TWELVE are two distinct things!

Another retarded thing about KFC. Why are they like the only fast food place to define a 'meal' as not coming with a soft drink? Even when I order a la carte from a respectable fast food place they'll ask me if I want a drink. Not only do you decide to go off on your fucking own and declare that a drink isn't part of a meal, then you don't even have the decency to ask if I'd like a drink regardless! You would think if anything it would be MORE important to ask in this case. What assholes.
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